Missives from #occupyathome
Part Two

There seems to be a fair amount of organizing among people with disabilities (PWDs) and Deaf people to enter/embody/access the Occupy/Decolonize movement. Some are focusing on educating nondisabled people in the movement about access and ableism, others on hidden disabilities, others on how people who cannot attend encampments can be involved, etc. I'm trying to connect different groups and also to help provide a space for people to talk about the issues that matter to them. So, if you'd like to write a post about anything relating to disability and occupy/decolonize, or working on the movement from home, please get in touch. Two people, in addition to me, have written posts for the Occupy at Home blog, and we also have a list of some Deaf and disability occupy/decolonize groups on the blog. If you know of other groups, websites, etc., that should be listed, please comment with your/their info. (I know there's one called Krips Occupy Wall Street - KOWS - but I have to hunt down their contact info.) I'm trying to tweet anything relevant to people activisting from home (for whatever reason) and people involved in Occupy with disabilities from my twitter handle, @occupy_at_home. Please pass on any links or news items to be tweeted.

We can also use more admins for the two groups below, if that interests you. We have an active Facebook page for those interested in occupying from home at https://www.facebook.com/pages/Occupy-at-Home/210265929046061 and there is also a very active Occupy Disability/Decolonize Disability group for people with any form of disability at https://www.facebook.com/groups/253558331363454/

Please spread the word on any of this that you think would be of interest. Thanks!