Breath & Shadow

A Journal of Disability Culture and Literature

Winter 2017

Volume 14 Issue 1



Breath and Shadow
Winter 2017
Volume 14 Issue 1


By Frances Koziar

It would be easier if people were only one colour

Sapphire, say, or emerald

If they let you name them, fix them

into place, rather than hiding

in a spectrum of deceit.

It would be easier if people were only mean

or only nice, if the cruel and abusive didn’t flicker

like fireflies, confusing you

with moments of light in the darkness.

It would be easier because those other moments

are what make you believe your lies

and hope, that make you stay in faith and claw

the truth from your eyes and dismiss

the memories that have taught you

that that brightness in the dark

of their souls is only the contamination

of paint.

Frances Koziar is the author of teen fantasy, "The War of the Shard", nominated for iUniverse's Editor's Choice Award. Her short fiction and poetry has recently appeared in Yarn Magazine, Romance Magazine, The Poetry Institute of Canada's fiction and poetry anthologies, and Axil Art Magazine. She is a hypersomniac and graduate student at McGill university.

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