Review of The ADA at 25: A Discussion forum.
By Mike Reynolds
Ability Maine Staff

On Saturday July 25, 2015 there was a discussion forum held at Rines Auditorium at the Portland Public Library The panel was part of a larger oral history project on the ADA. Keith Ludden and Molly Graham were hosting the panel. The panel was moderated by Dennis Fitzgibbons, Executive Director of Alpha One, Maine’s Center for Independent Living. The panel included Matt Peterson, Jeremy Libby, Dennis Clarrage, and Daphne Sprague discussing the impact of the ADA, what has been accomplished by the ADA, what has not been accomplished, and what still needed to be done. The event lasted about 90 minutes and  the audience was well versed on the benefits and shortcomings of the law.

The video we filmed has approximately two minutes missing about half way through the event. For more information on the Oral History and Folklife Research website is available at